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Martina is an innovative fashion stylist with experience from London, Vienna, Sydney, Rome and Tel Aviv. At present her seat is in Prague. She specializes in providing services in the area of personal style development and image consultancy.
Martina is a dynamic personality, always cheerful and active. Due to her positive energy she has an attentive, sensitive and honest approach to every single client, whose needs are a major priority for Martina. She enjoys helping strengthen the self-confidence of her clients, which is based on their new looks.
Martina's aim is to create a sense of fashion based on the client's individual personality and lifestyle, which leads to the improved self-confidence and overall satisfaction of her clients.
Martina has been working in the fashion industry since 1991. She accomplished her education in the area of fashion consultancy both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Her domain is not limited by geographical borders as she is a pioneer of online consultancy, and can thus realize her services anywhere throughout the world.
Martina also has long-term experience due to her activities holding various positions in the area of marketing, communication and social work, which helps her be very emphatic and personal while dealing with clients.
Martina works with both modern and vintage styles together with women and men. She likes creating contrast, focusing on details and works with simplification. She takes inspiration from street vintage elements as well as from fashion collections of forthcoming seasons. She works with luxurious brands as well as with carefully selected ready-to-wear clothes.

Martina has a large portfolio of clients from all over the world (e.g. the USA, the UK, France, Italy). Due to her knowledge of language she is able to accompany her clients while shopping basically anywhere in the world.

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• A non-binding personal meeting (free of charge)       ... more

We will get to know each other during a short informal meeting and based on particular requirements and ideas we will agree upon our cooperation. The meeting may be in person in Prague, or it is also possible through skype for those who are not in Prague.

• Wardrobe organization + completion of pieces of clothes (fixed price)       ... more

Modify your wardrobe and get rid of obsolete pieces. Learn to combine your clothes so that they look fresh and new. Find out what garments you are missing and where to get them. This service is perfect for both men and women. .

• Consultancy while shopping for clothes in the Czech Republic (floating price)       ... more

Buy figure-flattering clothes that will make your look stylish. Try combinations that will take you by surprise. Get recommendations on the type of clothes as well as a fashion style that is suitable for your lifestyle. This service is perfect for both men and women.

• Consultancy while shopping for clothes abroad (fixed price)       ... more

Choose the place where you want to go shopping and we will set out. We will prepare a custom-made trip for you. Buy garments that nobody will know. Enjoy feeling unique. Enjoy looking great! This service is perfect for both men and women.

• Consultancy while shopping for clothes online (fixed price)       ... more

out fast consultancy through Skype when you don't know what to wear. You will get recommendations and advice and become a star of each event! This service is perfect for both men and women.

• Image consultation (fixed price)       ... more

Build a wardrobe that will work for you and your lifestyle. Highlight your personality. This consultation may be combined with a beautician and hairstylist consultation. A professional photographer may also be present. This service is perfect for both men and women.

• Trend consultation (fixed price)       ... more

Find out about the current trends. Find clothes that are in and that will revive your existing wardrobe. Discover the latest fads and be part of the in-crowd. This service is perfect for both men and women.

• Special events (wedding, graduation, ball, etc.) (fixed price)       ... more

Prepare for your big day and be in the spotlight. Clothes that are selected properly will give you the necessary self-confidence and highlight your personality. Enjoy the feeling of a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. This service is perfect for both men and women.

• Consultancy while shopping for interior accessories (floating price)       ... more

Put the finishing touches on your house or flat. We will give you advice on where to get the right pieces that will revive your home environment and provide it with a mark of originality. Enjoy returning home and ensure your visitors look forward to each invitation.

• Gift voucher (fixed price)       ... more

Make somebody happy with an original gift. The person may use the consultancy services that they really need from a personal fashion stylist. This service is perfect for both men and women.

Martina has a wide overview in the world of fashion and she is always up to date on the newest styles and trends. Nevertheless, as a fashion stylist, she never forces me to completely change my style, I never feel uncomfortable in the clothes she chooses for me. After her advice, I have few pieces that I would have never bought myself and I love them. Thanks to Martina, I am more daring and head turning in my fashion style.
Vladimira McLaughlin

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name Martina Win is – don't expect you'll be bored! Martina will teach you to see the things around you from a different point of view. During a common conversation she is able to estimate your personality, and she can perceive even a smallest detail of you. Martina is absolutely professional, rational, sometimes even a stinking perfectionist. On the other hand, she is incredibly emotional, which helps her sensitively combine things which you have considered to thus far be from a different plant. But overall, you will always be a unique original such as Martina herself. For example I have now had a casual sling-bag that Martina recommended to me for three years, and people keep stopping me in the street and asking me where I got it. I tell them to ask Martina Win.
Adam Rada
Owner of a network of kitchenware shops, Prague, Czech Republic

I have known Martina for more than two years and I have experienced her to possess an exceptional talent to choose and match clothing for any men or women. She demonstrated a unique ability in terms of choosing the right shape and color to match any personality I have known.
Martina is a valuable talent to any fashion house.
Tal Rapoport
CEO in Coriander Group, Amsterdam, Netherlands

EMAIL: martina@martinawin.com
GSM: +420 608 022 232